Helping women to Align their inner Mystic and create their Quantum Queendom.
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To raise the Collective Consciousness of humanity, by helping women to align their inner Mystic and create their Quantum Queendom.


Through CommUNITY & an integrated platform of expert facilitators, we are focused on the development & education of the spiritual psyche. We are committed to empowering women of
all kinds to discover their soul gifts to share with the world, with true magick, abundance & embodied sensuality.

Sacred Feminine,
Divine Creator…
Your Time to Rise is Here

Step into Your Authentic Power
and Shape Your Reality

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Hello Sister,
I’m Courtney Dwyer

Psychic Soul Expert & Aligned Mystic.

Welcome to
The Mystic School of Aligned Living

A leading authority in working with Conscious Awakening Women on a Mission, Courtney has worked with hundreds of clients to guide them into their own spiritual gifts. Enabling them to the ground in their Quantum Queendom, and to Activate the Conscious Leaders of the New World.

What the Sisters are Saying...

Coomera, Queensland

“I just wanted to say thank you to Courtney for creating the amazing program Awaken. My one-on-one sessions helped me find the pieces I couldn’t see! And because of them, I was really able to move forward in my journey of healing and growth so much faster, feeling fully supported.

By the end of the journey, my ability to trust my intuition was next level and I can tap into so much easier. My self-love,
self expression and feminine is strongest it has ever been!! I feel deeply embodied and it has opened many doors for me, personally but for my business too. If you
feel called to the program, do it, there is no better time than now to level up and step into yourself more”

Berlin, Germany

“This program gave me many insights into my inner dynamics and how to work with them in a healthy way through aspecting, self-talk, etc. It helped me to create a daily routine for self-regulation, I am able to love myself unconditionally and allow myself to feel pleasure. I also
feel more aware and open to receive from the universe what I am truly calling in. I gained more clarity around my goals and my life purpose. Embodying this work I feel empowered, deeply fulfilled, and connected.

I would recommend this program to others as the perfect package to work through all the important aspects of life,
to eventually find yourself and live your heart out. It is an amazing resource of tools to a truly aligned living with
body & spirit, inside and out.”

Brisbane. Queensland

“This program was life changing. It cracked my heart wide open and has allowed me to give myself full permission to step into my power & own my fullest authentic expression Unapologetically.

This journey has changed the trajectory of my life completely. I can dream big & have full faith that with aligned
action all that is meant for me is making its way to me. I am open to receiving because I know my worth. Self devotion
is a lifestyle for me now. Every woman deserves to live a turned on life & with full authentic expression of her

What the Sisters are Saying...

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Adelaide, South Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

We don’t know what we don’t know. Freedom of knowledge into embodied wisdom, to support self actualisation & global contribution.

Everything is happening
FOR you.

By being in my truth,
inspires others to be in their own.

This isn’t about me.
This isn’t about you.
This is about US.

The Awakening is Here So is the New Economy

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