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Psychic Boundaries & Energetic Protection Workshop

Tuesday 22nd Dec. Online.

In this 2-hour workshop learn how to protect yourself as an empath and energy-sensitive being through embodied practices. Learn the fundamentals of psychic boundaries and energetic protection.

Discover what it means to be an empath or energy sensitive. Know the difference between healthy energy exchange and energetic violation. Discern energy vampires, unhealthy energetic cords & when you’re under psychic attack. Protect yourself when out in public or around others that have big or overpowering energy.

Learn how to create healthy agreements with yourself to set a foundation to keep you sovereign, healthy, and strong at all times. Understand the importance of self-regulation and how to keep your vibrance.

Feel what it means to be in energetic alignment. PLUS receive the opportunity to go deeper with ongoing work. Who is this for?

Anyone. Especially empaths, energy sensitives, anyone going through a spiritual awakening, or if you believe you are under psychic attack. Those who are; Working in health and wellness, work in a service role (face to face and indirect), alternative wellness practitioners such as energy workers (reiki, pranic healing, lightworkers, shadow alchemy, etc), psychics, mediums, yoga, and mindfulness teachers, coaches.

Anyone who carries a lot of responsibility in their life such as running a business or managing a busy household. Anyone who experiences depression, anxiety, lethargy, stresses easily or who has recently had an intense relationship (romantic or otherwise). If you have been through a major change recently (mental, emotional, physical, or lifestyle), this workshop will especially apply to you.

The energy exchange is $22.22 If you are an Aligned VIP CommUnity Member, access is free as part of your membership.

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Woman Embodied Half Day Immersion

February – Tickets coming soon!

Sister, welcome to you. You are invited to drop into the circle to discover your embodied womanhood.

To come home to you. In this half-day immersion, we will explore the Sacred Feminine Mysteries of Tantra & Kundalini.

Yoga is not just on the mat. Yoga is off the mat, it is every minute, every moment, every karma, every thought, every action – every breath is yoga. Yoga is what you are.

This is an offering of ancient teachings, brought to support you in the remembering of your inherently divine nature. Your true self.

So as to embody these sacred arts as more than mere practice, but a way of life. You will be guided into the Temple Arts of the Divine Feminine.

Journeying with the ancient wisdom of the womb, through age-old yoga & modern science. Here you will discover a taste of what is available to you as an awakened woman in the 21st century.

Unlocking the keys to remember the ways of old in which women used to gather and share in their sacred magick, medicine, and wisdom of the womb. This work is for any woman who is awakening to themselves, rediscovering their desires as a sacred, sensual feminine, and who is seeking the path of spirituality integrated with the form of a Woman Embodied in her true essence.

Combining Tantra, Kundalini, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Physics & Neuroscience, along with ancient teachings channeled by Mystic Priestess Courtney Dwyer.

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