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Soul Reading

15 Minute Psychic Reading

During this short but potent 15minute Read we will uncover what it is that is holding you back from receiving the love and pleasure you desire for 2021.

Clarity – $55

30Min Psychic Reading

We look at past, present, future, as well as the medicine, needed moving forward…

Focus – $77

30Min Psychic Reading for the Month.

During this potent 30min session, discover what the month ahead holds for you, what personalised practices you should consider to get you through the month & how to align the month to work FOR YOU.

Divination – $111

1Hr Psychic Reading

This is an in-depth version of the 30min reading plus we look at ideals vs reality, shadows & anything that is in conflict & how to change this.

Tree of Life – $222

2Hr Psychic Reading

Discover your SOUL PURPOSE. Here we dive very deep, we look at past life, karma, your life purpose & how to fulfil it.

Psychic Surgery – $222

2 HR Energetic Clearing – Remove Your Biggest Blocks

Psychic Soul Expert & Aligned Mystic. Welcome to The Mystic School of Aligned Living

This is a holistic approach to medicine healing. A full-body energy healing session, this non-invasive treatment works on the etheric or energy body. We will scan your entire body from head to toe, balancing your chakras and removing all major blocks holding you back right now.

From here we will integrate with a coaching session to give you the guidance you require to integrate the journey for immediate results in your life. This is a total reset for your quantum field and a fast track for years of psychological or medicinal healing.

This creates a clear pathway for you to move forward creating sustainable shifts in your life with ease, love, grace, and Alignment.

This type of session is better than any form of energy healing around, as it is the most integrated & holistic approach. Also ideal for complex trauma, goal/vision alignment, psychic attack, removing entities, physical pain, depression, anxiety, determining unresolved health issues & much more.

Unsure? Send @CourtneyJDwyerOfficial a message on Instagram for advice or book a 15min consultation>

Chakra Balancing $85

30 Minute Balancing of the Chakras

Chakras are energy centers that run along the length of the spine, these are intrinsically connected to the endocrine system and organs, respectively.

Each chakra has associated with it particular emotions and traits. This energy healing balances all of the chakras in such a way so as to ensure ease of flow within the bodily and energetic fields, bringing overall clarity & alignment.

Diamond Awakening

Package of 3: Divination Reading, Tree of Life Reading, Psychic Surgery. Total value $555. One-off $497.

For the serious applicant; these sessions are only for those who are ready for real change & real results immediately in their life.

During this 3 part initiation we will uncover the emotional and spiritual blocks holding you back in your relationships, life, and financially. Unlocking the abundance of pleasure in all areas of life you know you deserve.

Using the full spectrum of Diamond Consciousness, take off the foggy lenses and come into Crystal Clear Consciousness by seeing the full spectrum of yourself and your reality. Not aspect will remain hidden, all will be revealed.

Light will be brought to all elements of your being and rebalancing the light codes of your DNA and bringing full spectrum harmony to all of your chakras (energy centers).

15 Min Consultation

Not sure what best suits you? Let’s chat about your Alignment today

During this call, you will be supporting in deciding what is the best service for you right now. Please note: This is NOT a Psychic Reading call.

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