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To raise the collective consciousness of humanity by helping women to align their inner Mystic and create their Quantum Queendom.

Our Purpose

Through CommUNITY & an integrated platform of expert facilitators, we are focused on the development & education of the spiritual psyche.

We are committed to empowering women of all kinds to discover their soul gifts to share with the world, with true magick, abundance & embodied sensuality.

Our Trainings

Womb Embodiment Series

Birthing in Business

Business Academy


Aligned Living

Lets begin the journey… Our transformational experiences explained

Welcome home to you, sister.
In this three day series you will be initiated into the wisdom of your womb, so as to never seek outside of yourself again.
This is an offering of ancient teachings, brought to support you in the remembering of your inherently divine nature. Your true self. So as to embody the sacred arts of the feminine wisdom as more than a mere practice, but a way of life.
You will be guided into the Temple Arts of the Divine Feminine. Journeying with the ancient wisdom of the womb.
Here you will discover a taste of what is available to you as an awakened woman in the 21st century. Unlocking the keys to remember the ways of old in which women used to gather and share in their sacred magick, medicine and wisdom of the womb.
This work is for any woman who is awakening to themselves, rediscovering their desires as a sacred, sensual feminine, and who is seeking the path of spirituality integrated in the form of a Woman Embodied in her true essence.
This is a taster series derived from the AWAKEN journey.
In this online 3 day series we will cover;


Heart/Womb connection and the electromagnetic field + Soul Expansion breath work


Cycles & Earth womb connection + Water Faucet & Earth Connection breath work


Pleasure for power – Are you manifesting from fear or love?


Womb Embodiment Series Only
**Special Offer**
One Off:

In this 3-part series discover how to create a business quantum style! Whether it’s a Passion Project or a small hobby, any creative idea can bring fulfillment AND create an income when the fundamentals are done right.
Living in true alignment includes spending everyday doing something that sets your heart on FIRE! Knowing how to connect with the right audiences comes from having an understanding of what the true intention for sharing the business idea is, as well as learning how to connect with the right audience. We offer an insight as to how you can bring your passions to life from the conception to delivery. Calling in the soul essence to set the foundations of your business, whilst setting up longevity for growth flexibility. Find out how your business can work FOR you and THROUGH you so that you may birth in your soul magick. Living in Alignment starts by living in your truth, to live in your truth is to do what you LOVE!
– Create the work lifestyle you want – Find you ideal client – Branding – Wealth consciousness


– Mindset
– Self Responsibility
– Business VS Lifestyle Alignment
– Your Niche


– How to find your ideal customers
– Branding
– Promotion
– Effective execution of business


– Understanding money
– Tax & Insurance basics
– Longevity of business
– Ergonomics of economics


Birthing in Business Only
**Special Offer**
One Off:

Launch your business with social media, organically.
Take your influence to the next level with the power of social media.
Created due to popular demand from the early days of Courtney’s one on one clients; this was birthed as an offering to those who wish to learn the best way to execute their business online and make an income through social media promotion (Facebook, Instagram).
Learn the basics of algorithms, where to find ideal clients, how to take your clients from ‘cold leads’ to ‘HOT leads’ and have your clients ready to buy before they even get on the sales call.
Utilize the hottest trends of today to find the people that WANT your products/services.
Create an engaging audience and following through authentic content creation and genuine conversations. Do this organically without having to spend a cent on advertising!
Taking true business alignment to the NEXT LEVEL.

Week 1


Find your ideal client

Week 2


Speak to your audience & captivate them

Week 3


Learn the algorithms and campaign!

Week 4


Present high end offers with high class style

Week 5


Launch your offer with a juicy taster, creating great value & exciting your audience!

Week 6


Book in sales calls and close on the offer. Winning!


Single Offer

Business Academy Only

**Special Offer**
One Off:
$444 x 2

Passion Paid Bundle

Business Academy + Birthing in Business

**Special Offer**
One Off:
$1, 111 (Save $110)
$555.50 x2

Join Australia’s Leading Psychic

Initiation & Self Mastery Training

Gain the Power & Confidence to Create the Life,

Relationships, Income & Business of your Dreams

Sister, it is with my humbled pleasure that I invite you to embark on a journey of Awakening with me.

In this 12 week training you will be activated with the tools to align Mind, Body & Spirit; so as to never have to seek outside of yourself again

You will have the embodied wisdom to harness the mechanics of your body, tap into the power of your mind & evolve the intuition of your spirit to craft your ideal life through law of attraction, quantum physics & womb magick.

This offering is brought to you so that we as sisters, together, may rise in supporting the collective shift; raising the consciousness of the planet.

Coming home to your core essence of magnetism & co-creation, you will develop your psychic nature to remember your Ancient Feminine Mysteries, so as to integrate your wisdom back in the homes of your lovers, brothers, sons & fellow sisters.

I reach out my hand to you sister, to join me in the calling of sisterhood, of sacred gathering, to activate the codes of awakening together & come home to you. Come home to us. Come home to Mama Gaia.

What you will get…


Jasmine Hinchcliffe Adelaide, SA
Kelly Hurley Coomera, QLD
Lauren Quinn Tweed Heads, NSW
This program has been hugely transformational and healing for me. The exercises along the journey helped articulate so much of my inner programming from the past, undo the things that we’re keeping me stuck and reshape my internal world for growth and expansion.
This program has taught me how to truly love, trust and honour myself. It has healed and deepened my relationship with myself in a profound way. I have already begun to notice the ripple effects this is making in my external world and my relationship with others. I have healthier boundaries and I feel a lot clearer about who I am and what I truly desire for my life.
I would recommend this program to anyone who feels they need more love and support within and without. It is an amazing journey for self-healing and growth. And the sisterhood bond is incredible. There is so much support for one another. Truly beautiful to witness and be a part of this.
Chloe Thomas
Melbourne, Victoria
Through this program I have met some beautiful & amazing women. It has helped me journey inwards & feel safe within myself while also developing connection.
I no longer feel alone & I’m more confident to share my medicine with the world. I love the community that exists that honours & respects that we are all one & also that we are all welcome to our own medicine & beliefs

If you are looking for some clarity in your life, getting to know yourself in this deep & intimate way can help you there.

Becca Plummer
Brisbane, QLD
This program was life changing. It cracked my heart wide open and has allowed me to give myself full permission to step into my power & own my fullest authentic expression. Unapologetically.
This journey has changed the trajectory of my life completely. I can dream big & have full faith that with aligned action all that is meant for me is making its way to me. I am open to receiving because I know my worth. Self devotion is a lifestyle for me now.
Every woman deserves to live a turned on life & with full authentic expression of her divine essence.
Pare Gardiner
Brisbane, QLD


Combining Tantra, Kundalini, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Physics & Neuroscience, along with ancient teachings channeled by Mystic Priestess Courtney Dwyer, you will journey into 3 Modules;

Modules and Pricing

Module One

Rites of Passage

Aligning mind, body & spirit, you will reset your foundations. Dissolving old programming through diet, Kundalini Yoga & Tantric practices, as well a hypnotherapy & embodiment practices.

Module Two


Tapping into the realms of sacred sexuality, Ancient Feminine & Womb Mysteries as well as quantum physics; here you will rewire your neural processes & develop your psychic nature to reactivate the codes of the Mystic Priestess within you.

Module Three


Through strategy & aligned action, you will be implementing your activations with assigned tasks to create the traction for your co-creation with your reality. Having mastered your inner world, you will now step out of your old paradigm & into your Awakened spirit, grounding into your reality all that you have absorbed so as to step into your aligned craft, passion, love & life.

Week 1


Mind, Body, Spirit

Diet, cleansing
Sadhana – 40 day daily ritual for nervous system & energetic lines in body
BONUS: Kundalini & Chakras

Week 2


Inner child & Forgiveness therapy

BONUS: Self-Healing Mantra for cleanse

Week 3


Reframing Self Talk

Rewiring beliefs
Rebuilding relationship with self
Self Love Ritual
BONUS: Burning Desires Spell

Week 4


Tantra + Tantric Breath

Self Love Ritual with breath (Moving energy)
Sacred Touch (Mirror Dance Practice with breath work)
BONUS: Cleansing & Strengthening the aura
(removes past lovers from field)

Week 5


Awakening an old friend: Yoni Egg work & introduction to de-armouring

Yoni Gazing
BONUS: Money + Money and sex (girlfriend)

Week 6


Yoni De-armouring
Womb Mysteries
BONUS: Cycles, death & rebirth

Week 7


Self Pleasure

Diamond Consciousness
Quantum Physics
BONUS: Sisterhood wounds

Week 8


History of Tantra

Masculine & Feminine
Sacred Union
Sex Magick Ritual
New Sadhana

Week 9


4 week action plan

The Alter Ego
Wild Fantasies

Week 10


Measuring your belief

Everyday Tantra
Relationship > Self, Life, Others > Reflections

Week 11


Trusting the mystery

The dance of the masculine & feminine
The Art of receiving
The wheel of consent

Week 12


Embodying the work > Lifetime journey

I am a woman > Release and reclaim process
Sharing the gift of you > project/workshop





$373 x3





$999 x3




$1, 111 x3

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Align your lifestyle with an integrated community with all the benefits of an abundance of resources, tools and exclusive benefits. Combining mind, body & spirit, experience the most wholistic approach to living an Aligned lifestyle.

Live Healthier

Be inspired to maintain optimal health with an abundant of resources to keep you on track, community health challenges & the accountability of peers to support you when facing difficulty in keeping your personal commitments.

Develop Psychic Intuition

Join us for regular live trainings to develop your psychic abilities & practice your intuitive skills. Practice with other members of the community whilst learning how to implement these skills into every day life so that you may always stay insync & in flow state.

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Receive access to a lifetime’s worth of resources! Our team has worked hard in collating readings, workshops, mini-courses, ebooks, tutorials, workbooks and much more to support your ongoing growth. This library will be added to on an ongoing basic, making it’s worth invaluable!

Library Access & Resources

Community is integral to the ongoing development of any spiritual journey. People who engage in like-mined communities with similar values are proven to have far better mental & emotional well being. Feel encouraged to stay aligned with your journey of Awakening with a team of experts & a community that has done the work too!


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